My first working weekend

Author: Meredith BloggDate: 13 November 2023

Tiritiri Matangi sure lives up to its English translation…by blowing me away every time!

This weekend I had the privilege of participating in my first Working Weekend. Surrounded by long-time, seasoned volunteers and an absolute abundance of wildlife I learned so much (and gasped in wonder a fair few times!)

We got to work Saturday afternoon, divvying up projects and making plans for our dream teams. As the newest volunteer I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was welcomed into the crew and felt right at home with Peter’s ‘Dad Jokes’.

The Tiritiri Volunteers take balance very seriously so I had plenty of time to swim, nerd out on birds, walk in wonder and enjoy the extraordinary beauty and bounty of the island. The before and after photos above show how much work we got done, and we sure had a great time doing it!

Thank you to all the volunteers who have put in years of hard work to make this island what it is: a safe haven and a magical place for all the species who live, work, volunteer and visit! Your wealth of knowledge, commitment and care are so deeply appreciated.