Oral Histories

Oral Histories CONDITIONS OF USE OF TIRITIRI MATANGI ORAL HISTORIES These recordings and transcripts may be accessed for research or educational purposes only. They may not be used for commercial purposes.  There can be NO publication of the recordings or the accompanying material without prior written permission from the Chair of the Supporters of Tiritiri Matangi.  To listen to the audio, click on the image and it will play on youtube. To read the transcript, click the dark green button to download the pdf. Ray and Barbara WalterRay Walter was the last lighthouse keeper and first ranger on Tiritiri Matangi, responsible for coordinating and planning the replanting community project that helped restore the natural vegetation and reforestation of the island. Ray remained on Tiritiri until his retirement in 2006, and continued to visit and work on the island as a volunteer until the end of his life.  Barbara Walter joined Ray on Tiritiri Matangi in the early days of the planting project and has been a passionate advocate for the fauna and flora ever since. She helped develop the volunteering ethos of the island, and established the guiding programme, took charge of many part of island life until her retirement with Ray, and continued to guide and help with the birds for many years after. She remains a vital part of the Tiritiri community.  In this…

School Guides Information

School Guides InformationWe are always keen to hear suggestions for what to include in this section to support guides that guide school groups. If you have any ideas please email educator@tiritirimatangi.org.nz Click to download Activity Ideas Click here to view 'Setting the Scene' Click here to view 'Teachable Moments' Click here to view 'Make it Fun' Click here to view 'Making Connections' Click here to view 'Mātauranga Māori' Click here to view 'Using Imagination'

Tikanga Māori

Tikanga MāoriWe acknowledge the spiritual, ancestral, cultural, customary and historical interests in this motu held by iwi and hapu of Ngāti Manuhiri, Te Kawerau ā Maki, Ngāti Paoa, Ngāti Rehua, Ngāti Wai and the thirteen collective iwi and hapu of Ngā Mana Whenua o Tamaki Makaurau. Websites: Ngāti Manuhiri – https://www.ngatimanuhiri.iwi.nz Te Kawerau ā Maki – https://tekawerau.iwi.nz Ngāti Paoa – https://www.ngatipaoaiwi.co.nz Ngāti Rehua – https://ngatirehua.com Ngāti Wai – https://ngatiwai.iwi.nz Te reoMāori alphabet Helpful Guidelines for all SoTM members for upskilling inTe Reo Māori. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/maori-language-week/114961703/power-te-reo-maori-video-lesson-pronounce-words-with-confidence The following link has been provided by the 2022 Year 11 te reo Māori students at Rangitoto College. It is excellent for learning about vowel and consonant sounds, and the use of macrons, in te reo Māori. It includes some key words specific to Tiritiri Matangi. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/190hdBjzxyx_2Cpe8DC8aMI4mlyZUShyqjW62rN-6hvY/edit?usp=sharing Note the Māori Bird Lore – An Introduction by Murdoch Riley is available in the office for guides/ SoTM members to pick up and dip into during lunch breaks. Kupu Māori / words. Ideal to constantly check…


Guidelines Guidelines 356 Please click on the box to view Guidelines #356, 21tst March 2024 In this issue Flora News – kahikatea Fauna News – Takahē update Concert Health and Safety Explore SuperGold card holder deal Events – Photography walks and Maritime Historic Day Click here to view No.356 21st March Guidelines 355 Please click on the box to view Guidelines #355, 7th March 2024 In this issue Flora News – Inkweed and black nightshade Fauna News – Takahē translocation Swimmers’ itch Explore SuperGold card holder deal Click here to view No.355 7th March Guidelines 354 Please click on the box to view Guidelines #354, 21st February 2024 In this issue Rangers’ contact details Magnify glasses Flora News – Kohekohe and pōhuehue Fauna News – Kōkako, pāteke, pūweto and kororā Ancient Tiritiri Matangi – Adventures in the deep Click here to view No.354 21st February 2024…

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SoTM Polices and Guidelines Complaints Process Code of Conduct Working Weekends WIFI use Policy Use of Visitors Centre Policy Filming Applications Guide for volunteers pruning main tracks Sustainability and Environmental Policy Conflict of Interest SoTM Strategic Plan SoTM Wildlife Engagement Protocols

Conservation History Information

Conservation History InformationMeet the Locals: Tiritiri volunteers (DOC)Long term value of engaged skilled, citizen scientistsInspiring story of one remarkable island, Tiritiri MatangiTiritiri Matangi Open Sanctuary TranslocationTiritiri Matangi – an overview of 25 years of ecological restorationA spade, a saddleback, and thousands of trees (Auckland Museum Blog)Tiritiri Matangi Island: what if nothing had been done?


PodcastsClick on the image or buttons to go through to the podcasts page DOC Podcast Taringa PodcastRadio New Zealand Alison Ballance: the rediscovery and recovery of the takahē

History Information

History Information150th Lighthouse AnniversaryTiritiri Matangi Archaeological and Historic LandscapeTiritiri Matangi lighthouse (Heritage NZ)Tiritiri Matangi History (DOC website)Island's historyTiritiri Matangi Lighthouse: A History (Maritime Museum)

Flora Information

Flora InformationInformation of some of the flora6 Ways mushrooms can save the worldHidden beauty of pollinationTihei TaiaoIntroducing Tihei Taiao a new series that focuses on different tipu in our taiao. We’ll explore what our tipuna used them for, their kai or Rongoa uses and how to identify them. Our 3 kaitiaki sharing their taiao knowledge are Riki Bennett, Graeme Atkins and Tame Malcolm.

Fauna Information

Fauna InformationInformation to download and read Profiles of some birdsBird Flash CardsNative bird adaptationsA variety of youtube videos to watch Making the Haast’s eagle (Te Papa)Meet the Locals: KōkakoTīeke are a Conservation Success Story! (Auckland Zoo on Tiritiri Matangi)Monitoring the endangered Takahē (Auckland Zoo at Motutapu)Wonderful wētāpunga (Auckland Zoo)Tiritiri Matangi Island's Hihi Story (Hihi news)Recovering Aotearoa-New Zealand’s ray of sunshine, the hihi, from the brink of extinction